Disclaimer & Refund Policy


TÜV NORD inspectors are trained to evaluate the condition of vehicles at the time the inspection takes place. Their subsequent inspection report is based on what they see and hear during the inspection. To ensure the most accurate inspection, the vehicle’s exterior and interior must be clean and the vehicle must be in a well lit area. If a vehicle is outdoors, weather may also affect the accuracy of the inspection report. TÜV NORD inspectors do not disassemble any vehicle components as part of its vehicle inspection procedure. TÜV NORD inspectors conduct an extensive inspection that allows their trained eyes and ears to evaluate a vehicle’s overall condition. The inspection is similar to one you yourself might conduct except TÜV inspectors have the experience you don’t to spot things like unusual wear and tear, and evidence of previous repair and/or body work. Ultimately, the inspector comes to conclusions that are, by necessity, subjective, but based on their extensive experience of inspecting hundreds of vehicles each year.
Our Vehicle Inspection Report is not a certificate of roadworthiness nor does it replace the requirement of a Roadworthy Inspection to be carried out on the vehicle.


Apex Inspection Solutions will gladly refund the full purchase amount less a $10 Processing and Administration Fee if the following conditions have been met:

  1. Apex Inspection Solutions was not able to perform the inspection requested within 14 days of the purchase date AND
  2. The purchaser has requested an inspection cancellation within 3 days of the original request date AND no shorter notice than 1 full business day between the cancellation and the inspection date AND
  3. No cost on behalf of Apex Inspection Solutions has been incurred
  4. A portion of the purchase amount will be refunded if damage is not noted on our reports ONLY IF these damages were present at the time of the inspection and can be verified from the photographs taken from the Apex Inspection Solutions inspector.
  5. There will be no refunds issued within 1 full business day prior to the scheduled inspection or if the cancellation notice is requested after the 3rd business day after the inspection request date and prior to the 14 business day completion timeline.